Friday, April 27, 2012

Easter Sunday

Here's the girls, all ready for church, in their Easter dresses. (I didn't buy them new ones, is that bad? I figured these ones were cute enough.
 I took about 20 pics and, none of them are that great. I don't think Rylee is looking at the camera in any of them.

 Here's all the girls waiting to go outside and hunt eggs. I love the Deamer family tradition. They hunt the easter eggs that the bunny hides, not candy. I think that is great, because that's all we don't need is a basket full of candy. Earlier in the day I give them baskets of some toys and a few treats, and Darlene does the same. But I thinks that's better than a whole basket full of stuff you don't really want them to have anyway.
 Mostly I took video, or I have pics of them bending down to pick up an egg, here are a few of the actions shots that show their faces a little bit better.

 Dad helping Rylee reach the tall ones.
Happy Easter!

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