Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter Weekend

So to start off Easter weekend, of course we were listening to conference, then we got a call to come out and fly some kites, out in the back field with the Hansens.
 I was surprised that Rylee could fly a kite by herself, but look, she could. It made me realize that she really is getting old.
 I'm not sure what that little smirk is for on Reese's face, but oh well. It was so nice to be outside. But we hadn't been outside much, I didn't even think about sunscreen, and poor Rylee totally got burned.
 Love that Jeremy is helping them with their kites. They both love him so much and are so excited when he is home to play with them.

I made the girls stand here so I could get some cute pics, of them with their easter bunny ears on. They didn't turn out that great, I swear, either they squint their eyes so much they look like they're closed, or they open their eyes freaky wide.

A few days before, a neighbor and her girls "egged" us. I thought it was really cute of them. They put eggs on our yard with treats and scriptures in them. The girls loved it. It was a cute idea, I should remember to do that for someone next year.

Then we ran to Lee's to see the Easter bunny and get some treats. To my surprise, Rylee ran right to the easter bunny and gave it a hug, with out me having to even tell her, let alone coax her.

Then of course, we colored some eggs over and Cheryl's house, next door. Ignore the fact that the kids look homeless, we made them change out of their cute outfits, into grubby t-shirts, in case they spilled. In fact, I should have changed as well, because I ended up getting a little bit colored, because I was sitting by Rylee. I'm not sure, but I think this is Rylee's firs year being able to color the eggs, she had a 
fun time.

 Here Reese won't smile, and then over here Rylee's got a freaky weird smile. Oh well, I know I've got silly girls, you've still got to capture the memories right?

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Leah Aston said...

I love the shots of them with their bunny ears! So funny! Oh maybe we should die eggs when I come home just because it's been years since I've been able to, and it would be fun to show Jaren how to - but yes - also he could make a world of mess I imagine. Scrubby clothes for everyone!