Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New playground

Well the Deamer family has been talking about buying a playground set for years, and they finally did it. Lucky for us we live right close so our girls get to use it all they want. 

These are from day 1. (It took about a week and a half, with Jeremy really doing it every minute he possibly could.) It was a big project. I even did my share of  holding things in place, or handing drills, or getting screws. But it all payed off.
We're so lucky to have Jeremy, he's so handy. He really can build or fix anything. And he's cute too :)
 See that face? It's worth it for sure.

 They love it, although Rylee is scared of the slide.
Anyway, fun playing for us! I love that it is warm, and it's so nice that we can go right outside and play, Reese hasn't even asked to go to a park lately. Hooray!

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