Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just a few random things.

I was making dinner and Rylee was playing so quietly in her room, so I peeked in, and had to snap a quick picture of her in her toy box.Just trying to think of things to do, and we ended up finger painting. Obviously Reese is embarrassed I'm taking a picture of her in her panties.
Reese loves when they have things that match, and Rylee got handed down a pair of these Jammies from Heather's girls. They were being so cute, doing all these poses for me.
Cute cheeser. Oh there's nothing snugglier than a cute baby in feety jammies.
I think this was on labor day, we decided to have a quick fire, and look at the stars, it was really nice.
I'm pretty sure this was Rylee's first experience with a fire, and she really liked it. She's such a scavenger though, you take your eyes off her for a second and suddenly her mouth is full of marshmallows and she's unwrapped bars and bars of chocolate.
I know Reese's eyes are closed but it was cute of Rylee.

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Leah Aston said...

Good for you for always coming up with cute things to do with the girls! I love feety pajamas too!