Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Mmmm, hamburger....
Definitely need fries too.
I originally was going to have them wear these as their costumes, but we changed our minds. But last night we were late for a neighborhood party, and I had these so, I put them on. I think they're so cute. Jeremy's mom Darlene made the hamburger last year for Kennedy isn't it cute? I love that she mad a pickle clippie to go with it.
I've been wanting to do this for a couple weeks, but haven't had the time, since we had nothing to do this morning, I dragged the poor kids out into the cold for a few pictures.
Now clearly I'm no photog, I need to take lessons from my sister, but still, I thought I might as well try. A few turned out cute.

I have a hard time getting them both to look at me and smile, (I'm sure most people have the same problem.) In this one they are both smiling and looking, it's not great, but at least their both looking.

Notice something different about Reese? She had me cut her some bangs the other day. Also here you can kind of see her highlights. She also had me put her feathers back in. Afterward, she said "mom, it's fun to change your hair, huh?" I said " I like to." She said, "I like it, maybe next time we'll cut my hair short." This is funny because she has been very adamant about the fact that girls with short hair look like boys, and she always wants her hair long. But it looks like she's got the hair changing bug.
I'm not sure how professionals make pictures look so much better, these look fine, but there's just something in my sisters pictures that gives it that extra umph, and I wish I knew how they did it. I guess that's what we pay them for right?


Megan said...

I am excited to see your other costumes. I have a friend who was doing the hamburger & fry thing and I thought it was awesome! I think your pictures of the girls turned out great. I think the key to getting your pictures looking like it is professionally done is knowing how to use photoshop correctly. And hey, at least you have pictures of your kids that didn't come from your cell phone. I can not say the same for myself!

Leah Aston said...

I love that you have multiple costumes! I know what you mean about the photos - Ive heard that the lens makes a huge difference and photo shop as well. Those are cute pics though!