Monday, October 24, 2011

Our fun weekend!

Well, it was UEA, and even though none of us go to school, we decided to take a little vacay. My Dad works for the Weber county school district, so he was off, and decided to take every one to Park City.On the way up there we went to the zoo. The weather was perfect, good time for going to the zoo.
This family trip was a bit small. My sister Leah is in Israel, Ben is in New York, and Mandie was in Vegas doing ragnar. So What was left was us, and Jake, Becca, and their kids. During the day, Jeremy, and Jake had to work, but we had fun with all the kids at the zoo.
I swear every railing we came upon this is what Rylee would do.

On the left are my twin neice and nephew, Mason and Avery, then Rylee, my cute nephew Davis (who is a little tuff guy,) and of course Reese. p.s. The twins are not identical, (which is impossible, obviously) but apparently they get asked that all the time, people are clearly not smart sometimes.
I have pictures of us with this monkey thing, you have to get a pictures with this don't you?
I'm pretty sure, I brought the stroller for the opposite situation, but Rylee was doing a pretty good job, pushing Reese around.
Look at how cute they are, I'm pretty sure Avery got squashed but she was a trooper.
I have the same picture of my in this little turtle shell also. I should have had her take off her glasses, but oh well.

Another picture hanging on something.
I got so many cute pictures of the girls.
Had to get an action shot, can I just say, that about a week or two ago, Rylee wouldn't even go down a small slide, but apparently this trip she finally got some guts.
How's that for a cheeser?
Oh look, me and Jeremy were actually there, now we have proof. We never get any pics with us in them.
We took this awesome walk down the canyon. And another trail that was lined with scarecrows, the weather was so nice.
Random fact: Rylee is obsessed with firetrucks, if we ever hear one, her jaw drops and her mouth stays wide open for about 5 min. Three firetrucks passed us, and I had to take a picture to remember how funny it is.
Oh hanging on something again?
Isn't this picture cute?
We played tag at the park, all together, really it was so much fun. What a fun little trip, it was nice to take a break. Happy UEA everyone!


Reed & Melinda Family said...

looks like so much fun and really nice weather for it, perfect!

Palmers said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I have been wanting to take the boys to the zoo, and I am a slacker and haven't. We try and go every summer, but I'm sad we didn't make it this year:( I'm glad you guys did though:)

Leah Aston said...

Oh happy UEA!!! That looks so fun. I wish we could have been there too! I love the cute shots of Rylee at the end!