Thursday, September 22, 2011


Reese just started preschool, (yes she was not in preschool last year.) I'm slightly anti- preschool, somewhat because they're learning things that she already knows, but mostly because I don't want her gone, and I don't want to pay for it.
But she seems to love it, and it's a good experience for her. I went with her on her field trip the other day. It was cute to see her having so much fun. But I was pretty shocked because she wouldn't really play or talk much to the other kids. She usually is so social, (maybe she just needs some time.)
Don't you like their matchy shirts? Reese loved that. Down below is a pic of them all in a big nest.
We had snack today, and I whipped these babies up, I should have used fondant for the nose and eyes, but I was too lazy to whip up a whole batch of fondant just for a few noses. Plus I figured the 4 yr olds wouldn't care. Reese said "mom you're working so hard on these, and they're looking so good, I love you!" (And that's what we do it all for, right moms?) Apparently the kids liked them, Reese said they all were laughing, so I guess that means they liked them.
It's funny to think that Reese is so old already, it seems like I haven't had her that long, although it seems right that she should be in school, because she talks and acts like she's old.

I'll tell you what though Rylee asks "Where's Reesie?" about 10 times while Reese is gone. I think she misses her sister.

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Megan said...

Last year I did joyschool for Anna with some people in our neighborhood & this year I signed her up for anearly reading program at the literacy center...because both of those options were free. lol. I can't bring myself to fork out the money either.

Anna is VERY social. She is always wanting to have play dates & what not. But she also has to have her alone time & she plays very well by herself. Sometimes she branches off from her friends just because she says she wants to play alone for a bit. I can't complain.

Oh and Anna just is afraid the wind is going to blow everything away. At least that is what I think it is. She will yell at me to grab everything - the stroller, our stuff, things that would not blow away unless it is hurricane strength winds. lol. She usually yells at the wind, a lot, to stop. Asks me why it gets windy and who controls it.