Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rylee in the Hospital.

As promised, finally here are the pictures of Rylee in the hospital. I hadn't stopped to grab my camera, so I had to get these off Jeremy's phone. So here's the story : I went to grab Rylee from her bed Saturday (the 23rd) morning. She was throwing up, and there was already a lot of puke in the bed. (Sorry if that's gross.) So I try to clean it up, and she starts puking again. (and again, and again, and again.) So after about the 10 th puke, we call the hospital. (Also this is the third time this had happened in a month, but the other ones were not as bad, and she had been to the dr. and sent home.) So I take her to the hospital, while she's still puking every couple of minutes, although there really isn't anything left.) They gave her and x-ray (which is like a torture device.) They took her blood, (with difficulty) while four of us held her down. They didn't label her blood, so they mixed it with someone else's. (yes I was a bit angry) They then tried to take her blood again and couldn't get any. About and hour later, some special lady came and finally got her blood. A few tests came back ok, so they sent us home. As soon as I got home, they called and talked to Jeremy and said we needed to be admitted. Jeremy and Jody gave her a blessing, and we ran straight back. Where of course more blood was taken, (but it was so hard to get her blood with her tiny little veins, poor little girl.

Once the IV was in and she had finally stopped puking, (this was about 5:00) she finally got to eat a few crackers, and was starting to feel a bit better. The reason why she was there was her immature white blood cell count was very high, which could mean a few things, (including Leukemia, which I'm glad no one told me at the time.) So whatever they gave her seemed to do the trick, and they think it was just a bacterial infection although they can't tell for sure. But the test for all the bad stuff came back negative, so it seems like it was just one of those weird things, and our little babe is doing ok. I'm so lucky to have a husband who can give our sick little babies blessings, and at the hospital, my friend from high school Sheena, was Rylee's nurse. Which was really nice because we were taken care of. As far as hospital stays go, it was ok, and I got to bring her home the next afternoon. She seems to be doing good, and as you can see life is back to busy.


Reed & Melinda Family said...

wow that is crazy i am glad that everything is ok and it wasn't worse.

10zfam said...

It's about time you posted this, i've been so curious. so glad she is doing better

Megan said...

How crazy! I am glad that she is okay...even if you didn't get a lot of answers.

Your cakes below look great usual. I thinks he bird looks great. I don't know what you are talking about!

Leah Aston said...

I'm glad you posted about this - we still haven't had a chance to skype/talk about it. I'm so glad she's doing all right now!