Monday, August 15, 2011

Girls will be girls

Here's just a few different things my silly little girls have been doing lately. I told Reese to get dressed and this is what happened. Tutu's and super capes. Apparently shirts are not important.

Rylee has been copying what Reese does a lot. She follows her with her arms out and says, "fly, fly!"
Who doesn't love ice cream? Especially when it's all over your face.
One day Rylee came out of my bathroom with some of Reese's (clean) panties on her head, saying "hat, pretty." Of course Reese thought it was funny and had to do it too. And you can't not take a picture of total silliness.
I was posting this, and realized we're starting to have a theme here of Rylee putting things on her head. She found this shower cap, and so I had to add this picture to the bunch.
Stay silly!

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Leah Aston said...

They're darling. I like the tutu shot and their cute smiling faces!