Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My three cake week last week.

So I had a big week, here is Jeremy's birthday cake. If you are not into gaming, you may not know, but this is my Angry Birds cake. Please excuse the fact that these pictures are on my counter, I was just too nervous to move this cake any more than I had to.The cake is my homemade double chocolate, with an orange cream cheese frosting, super yummy. The pigs, and birds are fondant, the little fort is made out of fudge covered cookies, and the slingshot is modeling chocolate.
I thought it turned out fun, and I think Jeremy liked it too.
This cake, gave me some issues, with the ball. I had to end up scrapping my first one, (after spending a couple hours on it) and start over. One problem is I wasn't given enough time to make all the details that they wanted on the cake. It had a lot going on, but I do like the little details, like the crabs and life preservers. It's hard when they have a picture in mind, because I usually can't get it exactly like the picture yet. Still need some practice.
Heather called on Tues, and needed this cake by the next morning, (she would have waited, she didn't demand it.) But I figured why not just get it done? So this cake was for Taya (her baby-sitter's daughter) who had just received a green bird for her birthday. So I busted it out that night, so she could take it in the morning. Again, not perfect, or exactly how I wanted it, but still cute.


Ashley said...

These are all adorable! I especially love the angry birds cake. So cute!

Leah Aston said...

I don't know that game, but that cake looks so hard and impressive! I really like the crab's and sand cake too! :)

Reed & Melinda Family said...

Awesome like always!