Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fine Art Gallery!

So as you may know my sister (Mandie) is a super good photographer. Well, she has gotten her awesome work together for a fine art gallery. I've been thinking for years that her pictures would be perfect to put on people's walls, well now they can.

She's been going all over, and taking awesome pics, so click on this link to go right to it. Also for a bonus, if you buy anything before sept. 8th and enter the code FineArt at checkout you get 15% off your order.
These were just a few I stole off her blog that I liked, but if you want to see more, go check it out.
There are some super amazing photos of a bunch of gorgeous places in Europe, (I have my eye on a Moulin Rouge photo.) Any way, if you want some awesome art for your wall, check it out, you won't be disappointed.


Leah Aston said...

It is such a nice gallery - she's done a super job!

Mandie said...

Oh, I am just seeing this now. Thanks so much Katie!! :D