Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trimming the Tree!

This is obviously a few weeks behind, but we got out the tree and had a family decorating day. Reese wanted her own tree in her room. It was only about a foot tall.
We borrowed a little tree from Jeremy's sister and put it up on the table so it would be more out of reach from Rylee.

This is Reese with her ornament.

Earlier that day we went to Bicentennial park (by Lee's) The santa there is the best! I had a feeling Rylee would react this way, she doesn't really like going to strangers lately, let alone one that looks like Santa.
Reese went straight in and snuggled down, it was so cute, Santa loved it. He said Reese was the sweetest and he felt like taking a nap.

This is Rylee helping me put up the tree.

Just trying to get into the holiday spirit. It worked, then we watched Muppet Christmas Carol, (my fav) Which we watched about 5 times this season. Hope you all had a good season as well.

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Megan said...

Rylee is getting so big. I think it is awesome you are making those transitions now. I basically wait until the kid does it and I have no choice, but to let them. Yeah, they love it and id does save you time but I can't stand the mess. I am a no fun mom, huh?!

Your Christmas looks fantastic. Your crash, does not. Bummer!