Thursday, December 30, 2010

One small step for baby, one giant leap for mommykind.

I know you want your babies to stay small. But inevitably they don't. And since Rylee is getting so big, I find myself wanting her to be able to do more things, that older kids can. #1 - Feed herself. Now I know it's a little early but I started her on milk in a cup, and took her off bottles.
It's been the best, right there you save about 20 min, each feeding, which means I can clean up the dishes, (or actually eat myself, I know, novel idea.) Anyways she's getting better and better at feeding herself and I love it, for me it's a big milestone we've reached.

The rest of these are random pictures, Rylee on Reese's rocking horse that she's obsessed with.
I never have them in matching clothes because Rylee has so many hand me downs and they're never the same as what Reese has. But I had to get a pic of them in their matching jammies, even though it's not halloween.

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