Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

This thanksgiving was great, Jeremy took off a few days, and we got to spend lots of time hanging out.

Jeremy's sister (and fam.) came into town. The kids all had a lot of fun playing. All the adults went and saw HP7 and then on friday we took the whole Deamer clan to see Tangled (Which was soooo good by the way.)

You knew it was coming I can't let a perfectly good cake making opportunity pass me by. Yes this is all fondant. I had some pre-made red fondant from Wilton, now I see why people think fondant is gross, I actually didn't taste it but it even smelled gross. The rest was my regular marshmallow fondant, which is definitely better.
I found out you can make chocolate fondant, so I tried it out, it worked really good.
I'd like to take a quick second to say what I'm thankful for. I'm so thankful for my family, I'm so lucky to have them all so close, Except for Leah who is on the other side of the world :( I'm so thankful for my girls, they are so awesome. I couldn't have picked out two better kids if I had tried. I love that my husband is such a good dad to them, and such a good best friend to me. He always makes me laugh. I'm so thankful for where we live, and the neighbors and friends that we have made. Hope your thanksgiving was as fun as ours.


Megan said...

Movies? What are these alleged movies? And two in one weekend? Plus that awesome cake?! I couldn't be any more jealous right now ;)

Megan said...

My friend Brynn took the pictures. She does a really good job. She took Lacie's kids pictures as well. She lives in Ogden and charges $50 for the shoot and gives you a cd with all the edited images on it. If you want her # or anything, let me know and I will email you!

Leah Aston said...

Sigh. Maybe next year I'll be there for Thanksgiving!
The cake looks awesome. You're doing such an amazing job!!! I wish you were here for Jaren's 1st birthday!!!