Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Reese has a huge thing for Harry Potter, (yes I know what you're thinking, she's 3 and they let her watch Harry Potter?) Well, we do and she loves it. So she loves Hermione Granger, and months ago she asked Jeremy if he would be Harry for halloween with her. (And he surprisingly said yes.) So I decided to make us a matching family.

Reese's hair is exactly like Hermione's which I think makes the whole costume that much better. Reese wanted Rylee to be Dobee the house elf. As excited as I was at the thought of only putting a dirty pillowcase on her, I talked Reese into making Rylee be Hedwig the owl.
Yes I made this costume myself, and yes it did take quite awhile. But the owl costumes online looked so dumb, so I think it was worth it. She could tell it was funny, she kept laughing all day. And I'm surprised I was able to get her to keep that hat on, but somehow she did.

On Friday we went to Jeremy's work to trick or treat. Then my whole fam. meets at my Dad's.
This is my niece Avery, I thought she looked so cute, I'm kicking myself for not getting a pic of my sis in law Becca dressed as Marge Simpson.
The tradition has been to trick or treat at his work then go to McDonalds. The kids had so much fun. They both missed nap, but were having so much fun. ( Of course I paid for it later.)

Can I just say that I still am a little shocked at how willing Jeremy was to dress up. He had to shave and everything. I think a lot of it was because Reese asked him to. She just has him in her little palm I think.
If you've watched Harry Potter, you know there's not a lot of options of main characters for me to be. Reese wanted me to be Ron, or Dumbledore. But I decided to go with Ginny Weasley. Not the best costume, but I did my best.
This is Tayler and her boyfriend Macklyn, (I'm not sure if I spelled that right :) A bee and a bee keeper, I thought that was way cute, and creative.
Jeremy made Jody put a wig on and be Severus Snape, just for a picture, I thought that was funny.
We always carve some pumpkins. I'm only going to show these two.
I seriously have a fear of Michael Jackson, especially from Thriller, that stems from child hood. Jeremy did this one and I thought it was super freaky.
Jeremy decided he wanted to learn how to make homemade doughnuts. But he got started on a project with his dad, and so I was on my own. I swear it took me all day, but I think they turned out good. I made regular, and cake, with both glaze, maple and choc frosting. There was a ton, and this was all that was left, so I guess they were all right :) I think I want to do it again now that I know what I'm doing a little bit more.

We ended up riding with our friends the Richs', ten of us in their 5 passenger car, to go trick or treating. It was fun. We had good food, and lots of it. What a good night, I hope everyone had fun!


C and C Young said...

Are you kidding me right now??!!! That owl costume is BANANAS! LOVESIT!!!! Oh my gosh I am in LOVE with your costumes! (yeah, and Maddux watches HP and he's only 2....let the judgers judge away!)

Ashley said...

You guys look fantastic! I love it all, especially how excited Rylee was to be an owl. :o)

I WISH I had been there to see my dad as Snape. That kills me!

Ryan LOVES Harry Potter, too. I don't think there is anything wrong with it.

Reed & Melinda Family said...

Very cute! Yeah for Harry Potter Nov. 19th!

10zfam said...

love love love the costumes, especially the owl- so cute

Megan said...

All of those costumes turned out GREAT! That is one cute owl to boot! So did you end up making the donut recipe I sent? Either way, they look fantastic!

Leah Aston said...

All the costumes turned out so cute!!! And Hedwig is darling! I didn't know you decided to go with Ginny in the end, but I like it! So fun!
ps: They don't have maple bars over here and recently I've been CRAVING them...sigh. Make and eat lots for me. :)