Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Before and After

Ok I promise this is the last time I post about my weight. Hopefully everyone is not completely annoyed with me. After I posted last about how I kept cheating, it did the trick and I got back to work again. I have officially met my goal, and passed it by three pounds so far. I was too chicken to take a real before and after. But here's a few shots of me looking kind of heavy.

And here I am about a month ago, so still about 10 lbs. more than I am now.
So far I have lost 49 lbs. It's been a long time coming, but it was definitely worth it, because now I'm much healthier. In fact this makes me laugh, but I'm only two lbs. away from not lying on my drivers license. (I was really lying there for awhile :). Anyway good luck to all of you who are doing the same thing. Happy exercising!


C and C Young said...

Your arms are BANANAS! You look fantastic!

Mandie said...

YAAAAAAAAY for you!! Awesome Katie!! =)

Megan said...

You are rockin it! You look so great! I need help in the eating department. Seriously. Some sort of intervention.

Any who, way to go!

Marcia Wilson said...

Ah you look fantastic! Seriously, and I only hate you a little bit for it!

Leah Aston said...

I'm so proud and so jealous all in one. :) Way to go!