Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jack O Lantern Saver!

I just wanted to share a quick tidbit about how to save your pumpkins that have been carved. My sis-in-law Becca told me about this, and boy was she right!

To keep your carved pumpkins from shrinking up and turning brown : Just smear Vaseline on every cut surface, and on the whole inside, and lid. Supposedly it makes the life of your jack o lantern 4 times as long.

Reese carved her pumpkin three day's ago, and I did the vaseline trick, and it's not showing even a little bit of browning, or wrinkling.

Just thought I'd share - Happy Carving!

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Palmers said...

You always know the secets of things:) You have to go to the craft fair, even if it is a temptation just be strong. It's tradition and we haven't been together for a long time. Come on girl:)