Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just a few random things.

A few of you noticed, I hadn't thought to blog about it but, yes I did cut my hair. Probably a couple of feet shorter too. (Yes I know that's a bad picture, but oh well.) It's definitely been easy, and fun. But to tell the truth I'm ready to have more hair back, too bad that will take a year or two.

I made these cute fabric flowers, and put them on clippies, they were super easy. (Just thought I'd show-and-tell.)

For conference my family all gets together at my aunt's house. So of course I had to use the opportunity to practice/make another cake. (For some reason Reese wanted her pic taken by it.)
So far, I think I've been doing ok. But I feel like there were a lot of mistakes on this cake. You can't tell in the picture. I always laugh at Challise when she says that, and I'm looking at the picture thinking there's no mistakes at all. Well now I understand Challise, and this one has a lot of problems. Which is fine for just a family dinner, so it's ok, and that's why I'm practicing.

Just a few pictures of my girls, they're both so big all of a sudden!
Reese is always putting things on Rylee's head, and saying "Now she looks like a lady."


Stephanie said...

I am so impressed with your cakes! You are awesome. Your little girlies are the cutest. ps. I want to cut my hair SO BAD!!!! I am going crazy!

Megan said...

Rylee is getting so big - it's crazy! Your bows turned out super cute. You can just add that to the list of things you need to teach me: how to do my hair, decorate cakes and now make bows. I think we need to get together :)

Palmers said...

YOur hair is so cute I love it. I have been growing mine out, so I can't give in and cute it. It has taken me so long:) Hey you didn't give me my annual call for the craft fair. I didn't even know that it had come and gone. My friend told me she went and it was already over so I was sad. Your girls are getting so big, and I am so amazed by your cake baking skills. You got skills for sure:)