Thursday, October 21, 2010

Disney Land Part 1!

In the essence of time, and due to the huge number of pictures, I'm going to split our trip into a couple of posts.
This was Reese's first trip on a plane, she did really good. In case you noticed we're missing a member of the family, you're right. We left Rylee at home with family. And apparently didn't miss us at all. Underneath is a pic of us on the Jungle cruise.
Got to get one in front of the big Mickey.

On the 2nd day we were there, we met up with the Kuchenmeisters (who live in CA) Reese loved to ride on every ride with Ryan. Although I felt bad because Ethan wanted to play with Reese so bad, and she just wouldn't give him the time of day.
There's a lot of pictures of us with the stylin' glasses. This is the new Toy Story ride.

This is Sulley, from Monsters Inc. for those of you who don't watch kid's shows.
You have to get a pic of the letter that your name starts with.
This is the first day, Reese had been up since 6:00 am. She just crashed, and there was no waking her no matter what we did. She slept through the fireworks, and all the way back to the hotel, and even getting her into her pajamas. Apparently it had been a long day.

This is waiting for the old Michael Jackson movie, she doesn't look like it but she's about to pass out from having so much fun.
We were nervous she was going to be too afraid to go on any rides, but she did so good. We took her on everything. She loved splash mt. This was her first time, look at her face. She looks a little worried. But she thought it was so funny that we got wet!
The first day, we paid extra to stay in the park and trick or treat. It was so worth it, because we were able to walk right on the everything.

They had little trick or treat stations, Reese loved it.
The longest line we waited in the first two days was definitely Pixie hollow. But at least she got a pic with Tinker Bell. I think we wouldn't have been able to come home without one.

That covers about the first day and a half, there's more to come :)

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So cute and fun to see.