Sunday, October 24, 2010

Disney Land Part 2!

I told you there were more to come, and I wasn't kidding. Here's the kids outside Toads.
I think we're a little big for this car, but oh well.
The Kuchenmeisters, minus Ryan. Ryan had to ride with us/Reese.
We love the Haunted House, especially for Halloween when they have it all decorated.

Toon Town is always kind of Lame, but for kids it's kind of fun.
Of course we had to go see mickey, although Reese saw him the day before. He kissed her head and she loved that.
Jeremy took Reese in the cars and she drove. Apparently she did pretty good.
She danced around with Mary Poppins and Burt for a minute, I thought that was cute.
Another picture of us in weird glasses. She didn't like the part where it feels like the bugs go under your bum, although I had tried to warn her. It was cute to watch her think the 3D things were going to touch her, she would try and grab at the air.
Every single night, she would full-on pass out, from having too much fun, and being dragged around a little more than she is used to. This night she took a little nap around 6:00 and then she had enough energy to keep going.
The last day we ate breakfast at Goofy's kitchen, this was really fun. They had pretty good food and there were characters walking around saying hi to all the kids. Reese got to dance with Goofy, I think she really liked it.

We've never gone over to the pirate island before, but it was fun.
Reese loves walking on bridges, and sometimes it's fun to just explore instead of waiting in lines for more rides.

The very last night the Jeremy's sister and her family came and got us from Disneyland. We went and ate at Philippe's the home of the french dip sandwich. Later we took the kids to a babysitter and went out to dinner with Kris and Ashley.
Had to get a picture of all the kids in their glow in the dark skeleton jammies. Reese loved staying at their house. Later I asked her what her favorite part of the trip was, and she said "Ryan." I think she had so much fun being able to play with the boys. It was so nice to stay at their house.

Reese's favorite part, (other than Ryan) was splash mountain, I don't know why this video is showing up so little. We thought she would be scared, but she thought it was so funny to get splashed. Luckily she was tall enough to go on almost everything. We even took her on Tower of Terror. (Which she said "I don't want to go on that again.") But she did so good. It was such a fun trip. She was so good. Thanks also to family for watching Rylee for us. Of course she started crawling while we were gone, I just knew that was going to happen. We came home and she crawled across the room to me. And she had poked out another tooth! We missed her a lot! But it was such a fun trip, we're so lucky to have been able to go!


Megan said...

Looks like such a fun trip - I am so jealous. I love all the picture if Reese passed out. lol. And I am impressed Jeremy held her like that the whole time - that's a good work out when they are dead weight like that! She looks so tall and like a girl - bot a toddler in the pj's picture. And you look great skinny girl!

Stephanie said...

How FUN! Looks like Reese loved it. And I love the videos. She looks so happy. Sad that you missed Rylee crawling but she looks so cute.