Monday, September 27, 2010

Fun with food

Here's a few pictures of the fun food I've been making lately.
Saw this in the food network mag. Squash soup with an edible acorn squash bowl, yummy, but cute, too. A little more fun than the average dinner.
Jeremy went to Alaska, and brought home lots of good fish. So we had ourselves a fish fry.

We even bought some beer and beer battered the fish. It was so good, and fun to cook with my honey in the kitchen.
This is something Jeremy always likes, it's just the baby green onions, with cream cheese and shredded cheese. They look cool, and taste good, they do give you some pretty bad breath though.
Home made fries that were incredible.
Fondant cake trial #2. Not to bad huh? I wanted to learn how to do a bow, I kind of cheated, but it still worked out ok.

Fondant cake trial #3. First time ever doing square, or anything not shaped normal. There were a few of "iffy" spots on this cake. My client's farewell was yesterday, so I'm always looking for a reason to make a cake and practice, I think they liked it. It was fun to make.
Rylee's scrunchy face has come back in full force lately.

Here's a pic of tooth #1.

My mom bought me an immersion blender. (It's like a little hand held wand blender.) It's been so nice to have because I've been making Rylee's baby food with it. You can just put whatever you want in a bowl, and there you go - instant baby food. I think she loves it too because I've just been giving her the stuff we eat, blended up beef stew, hobo dinners, and homemade squash soup are a little better than gerber mushed peas. Happy eating.


Palmers said...

You are the most creative, crafty, good cook ever. I swear you are always doing something new and it always turns out amazing. I love the little elder cake. And how did you do that bow? It is so cute. Looks like you had fun. Oh and the picture of you and Jeremy I gotta tell you I laughed so hard. I though you were on his back like a piggy back and I was looking at his arm thinking, wow Kattie has really hairy legs:) So funny hu?

Leah Aston said...

Katie - fun posts. The cakes are especially awesome - good job! I love the scrunchy face. I've taken a million photos myself to finally get just a few of his teeth. Anyway it was fun to read. ps: I found a halloween costume for Jaren yesterday. yay!

Reed & Melinda Family said...

wow that looks good and your cakes are awesome. did you cut your hair?

Mandie said...

Love the cakes, the bow looks fantastic!! You bought beer?? hee hee =)

Megan said...

Okay. Your cakes are AMAZING! You should teach a class! And is this a new haircut? I like it!

Chelsie said...

you are always making such good food! i love it! your cakes looks amazing, as always. i got your email, but i'm thinking we should have a little get together and you can show me the tricks of the trade. eh?