Sunday, January 31, 2010

The not so cute baby bump.

This may be something I should not be sharing, but I thought that if it's out there it will make me try harder, so here it is:
Pre preg weight : 159
End of preg weight : 196
Today's weight : 181

End of preg inches around waist : 44 inches
Inches around waist today : 39

Goal weight : 150

I was hoping that just having her would have helped me lose more than it did. The hard part about wanting to lose weight is that I'm not supposed to exercise yet. I'm sure you all remember how it feels. Because now is the time that I'm most motivated to do something about it.
So far I have no pants that fit, and my loosest shirt still shows the left over baby gut. Good times. But at least I have a super cute baby girl to show for it all.


Palmers said...

She is a cutie. How is Rheese doing with her? It is hard when you want to loose the weight and can't work out just like you said, so hang in there and you can work out soon just a few more weeks:) I know that doesn't help much:) Hope you guys are doing good.

Megan said...

I am reminded of the conversation we had while you did my hair right after I had Evan - how with the second one you realize a little more of what you like after than you did with the first. lol. Good times. But seriously, I remember going for walks right after I had Evan and all I wanted to do was run. My lungs were screaming YES! My legs were saying YES! My uterus on the other hand felt like it was going to rip in 2 - just from friggin walking! TMI? Oh well. Good luck to you - I am sure you look great and will accomplish your goals!

Leah Aston said...

wow you're brave to write your weight - I wish I would have measured myself before and during...hmm though I'm not that motivated to do it now. Perhaps when I get rid of my belly. Mine still has the dark line down the middle, does yours?