Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Getting old!

I'm officially a 27 year old mom with two kids. There is no denying the fact that I'm getting old. It is weird to think about. My b-day was on Sun. Darlene and Heather made me dinner, it was very yummy, and on Saturday Jeremy went and got my fav. pie from Sandy's.

Now I know I have already shown the bedding I made for Rylee's room, but now here's the rest of the room all finished. The quilt I made, (a shag quilt because that's the only kind I know how to make.)
I had given up on finding a mobile, but Darlene somehow found this one that matches perfectly, the day before Rylee was born.

This is the quilt Ashley made her, I thought it would look so cute on the wall, and it does.
I'm pretty sure Kennedy isn't much bigger that Rylee.

Hadley is way into Rylee, and wants to hold her a lot, so they finally let her, but since they didn't let her for long, she got really sad.

The girls have started this thing where they have to jump off Darlene's couches all the time. Really Kennedy and Hadley jump a lot. When Reese jumps her feet still don't leave the floor at the same time. So she ends up just falling/ stepping off the couch.
I called my dr.'s office and to my surprise the nurse said I COULD start exercising if I wanted to, just to take it slow. I was very excited and started crunches right away. And went for a jog on the good 'ol treadmill just today. It felt so good afterward, I'm hoping to keep this up.


Melinda's Messes said...

Her room is darling you did a really good job! Good Luck on the exercising!

Megan said...

Her room turned out super cute! I love it. And yay for exercising!

Chelsie said...

her room looks fabulous!! and i'm impressed you're running! way to go. i'm having a harder time losing the baby weight this time around. good thing i rather like the little ones. :-) sorry about the jaundice! cooper had to be under the lights at home too and it was so awful!

Heidi said...

I love the quilt you made! It is darling! Happy birthday too!

Palmers said...

Her room is so dang cute, You are so good at cute and creative things like that. You need to teach me some tricks:) I love the colors you did they turned out really cute. Is she so much fun? Is she a good baby? Hope you guys are doing good. Hey did AFCU finally get the new system in and working that has been a 6 year process with Jeremy? I went there the other day and had a different reciept so I thought I would ask?

Brady and Audrey said...

Happy Birthday! It is definitely hard getting older now, you look great by the way and your little baby girl is beautiful! I'm glad she's doing well. I think we're moving back to Utah in a few months, at least that's the plan right now. When I get back there we need to get together, take care, and enjoy your new little baby.

Challise and Rusty said...

Your girls are darliing. Two kids are fun. Especially when they start to play with each other. I'm happy all went well. Hope you lose the baby bump quicker than I have been able to. I cut from eating a dozen donuts on my own, to half a dozen, still have a gut!!! Go figure. Me and the treadmil don't get along.... fat pants here to stay!

Goldies said...

Rylee is a cute little baby. I'm glad everything's going well, and her room is adorable. I hope you might check your blog soon, I emailed Jody, Heather and Tado in hopes that someone will come accross the info soon. But we're having a last minute Baby Shower for Andrea this Saturday, the 20th before Racquel leaves. It's an open house from 10am-12pm at Kathy's. They're registered at Target, and apparently have a lot of clothes already, they're planning on naming her Scarlett, and we don't know if she's planning on nursing or not. That's about it, please pass on to all the Deamer Girls!! Thanks

RichKids said...

OH MY WORD!!! Let's not even TALK about OLD!!! And I have DOUBLE the kids!!!!

The room is SO cute! And I am VERY impressed with the "shag" quilt! :)

I feel bad I missed your birthday! I hope you had a GREAT day! I am certainly glad Jeremy brought the pie home, so you wouldn't have to go out of the house! ;)