Friday, January 15, 2010

Super random post:

I realized that I have a lot of small things to post, that I might forget about once the baby comes so I lumped them all together in a random posting.
First off, bitter sweet news is that I had my last day at the salon yesterday. Jeremy is going to finish my salon at home, so I won't be working at Split-enz anymore. Which has been my home away from home for just over 6 years. I was excited to be done working, so I could have the baby. But not really excited to be done working there, if that makes sense.

Ashley my sister in law made me this super awesome quilt for the baby, which is now hanging on the wall. (p.s. she sells her stuff on her etsy shop, pepper perch.)
My sister Leah (in Australia) had her baby boy last Friday. As far as I know he is still nameless, but very cute. I stole these pictures off facebook, and apparently have no idea how to make them not so tiny. So hopefully you have good eyes.
I never showed pictures of my last cakes. This is my final cake.

This one was just for fun.

This one, although some may find it a little creepy, I thought was still fun.
Speaking of a little creepy. This is Jeremy and my bro. in law Kris, at Kennedy and Hadley's b- day party.

We didn't get a pic. of them though, because let's just say, it's their party and they can cry if they wanted to.

Bambi and his friends, are still keeping permanent residence in the back yard. But I have to say it's been better with the annoying people walking in my yard with cameras this year.

To end the randomness, I was getting Reese ready for bed, (which is why she has no pants on.) And she started jumping from our couches. So I got some pics, thanks to the good camera.

Quick baby update : They are starting my on next tuesday the 19th! Yes I am so anxious. I will be posting next week with some pics.


Ashley said...

I loved this randomness of this post! Here are my thoughts:

1. I'm so glad you liked the quilt and can't wait to see it hanging up.

2.Congrats Leah! He is really cute.

3. I'm so impressed with your mad cake skills Katie! The roses turned out great. Well done. :o)

4. I laughed out loud at the creepy clowns...cute...but yes they ARE creepy.

5. Jeremy and Kris should not be allowed to spend large amounts of time proved by this picture.

6. It looks like that electric fence won't be necessary after all...

7. Reese is so cute and I'm super jealous of your new camera.

7. I can't wait to see pics of the new baby...and to learn her name. I wish I could be there to hold her!!! Good luck!!!

Ashley said...
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Megan said...

The clowns are creepy, but the cakes are amazing! The first one. Wow! Way to go! I love the shots of Reese jumping - too cute. Good luck next week. I can't believe the time is already here. I hope it all goes well and I can't wait to see the pics!

ThE fRoNkS!... said...

I am so sad that you are done at work, but at the same time I am so excited for you to be able to stay home with the kiddies. The clown cake, ya, creepy!! Good luck on Tuesday, I am so excited and a little jealous!! I can't wait to find out her name. Don't forget to post asap.

Chelsie said...

ah Tuesday!! that's so exciting! good luck! i'm excited to see the little girl. i had no idea that you were done at the salon! your cakes look great, that first one is amazing! i'm super impressed. love the pics of reese jumping from the couches..haha

Marcia Wilson said...

I didn't realize you were so close, I am sending you my well wishes, as for headbands JoAnn's was totally lame and literally had nothing in stock because apparently they are switching companies so I am going back next week I will call you when they are done!! Good luck

Leah Aston said...

So I'm catching up with reading blogs today as I scan in photos of Jaren to finally start posting myself. How sweet that you posted about Jaren and I here. :) I think Varian made it a small photo before he posted it so I don't know that it can go bigger.

The cakes are amazing! Reese looks like she's flying so high in the couch picture.