Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our first week!

Life with two little lady's has kept us busy. But not as much as I thought it would. It has gone really well. This time I just feel so much better about everything, not so nervous. On top of everything Jeremy is still off work, which is the best because we don't get to have him around very much. And he's been so helpful. So far Rylee is an incredibly good baby.

To start the week off, we had to deal with this:

Dang billirubin! Rylee had Jaundice, so not only did we have to go back to the hospital every day, but we had to put her under the light. It was so sad to put her in this, because I felt so neglectful. (You're not supposed to take her out unless to feed her.)

But she's out and doing good now! Reese loves her little sister. Other than the day at the hospital when Jeremy had Rylee and they were washing her. Reese was crying and said "Daddy has a new best friend! He doesn't love me." She has been fine since, but she has always been a bit more sensitive when it comes to daddy showing attention to other kids. And since she couldn't go in the room it made her sad. But she has been good with it ever since. Although she keeps calling the baby Molly, (who is a baby that her babysitter watches as well.) In fact today I even called her Molly!
First Bath:
She liked it for a while, (mostly in till I started scrubbing and washing.) Of course I had a little helper, which did mean Rylee got splashed in the face once, but not too bad.

Rylee has been sleeping extremely well. In fact maybe too well at night. The doctors always say to wake them up in the night. But I hate to do that. Because we all want them to sleep in the night right? So tell me what you all think, should I just let her sleep? (p.s. we're talking long, she slept eight hours last night, I accidentally turned off my alarm clock.) Plus I still woke her up, who knows how long she was going to sleep. So should I let her? She is eating good in the day, and staying awake good. I feel like she's thriving ok, so why not? Advice please. p.s. I'm not meaning to brag :) I just have good sleepers!

My babysitter is having a baby and is done watching kids, that means I have seven weeks left to find a new babysitter. I work two days a week from 9:00 - 5:00.
If any of you know of anyone will you let me know? Or you can let them contact me.
I am really hoping to find a young girl, or a mom without kids that wouldn't mind coming to my house. I am hoping maybe some of you know a nice girl in your neighborhood/ward, or have a nice sister, or friend. Please let me know if anyone comes to mind.


Lauren Tatton said...

Oh how great Katie! Congrats on the good sleeper I think that is great!! She is a beautiful! Im sorry she had to stay under lights that is so sad! :( Well send me some good labor vibs! I need them!

Stephanie said...

She is so so so cute! I am sorry I haven't called you I haven't wanted to bug you since I know that you are busy. I am not sure what to tell you about the sleeping thing. I don't know if I would wake her up. But I am super paranoid after Benjamin was so bad. Noah is a great sleeper. I am sad that she had to go under the lights. You were worried about that. Your clients are doing great and the ones that I have done are planning on going to your house. I have been talking up your salon. I wish I could help you out with a babysitter. I am sorry I have nothing for you in that area.

10zfam said...

My dr always says if they are sleeping let them sleep so that's what we do here. What a cutie.

Bodacious Barlows said...

I agree. Let them sleep. They will wake up when they're hungry. Kyrie slept the entire night her first night home and I was scared to look in the crib because I knew it wasn't normal, but she was just sleeping peacefully.

Megan said...

I had to wake Anna up in the night when she was jaundiced and on the lights (so craptastic - sorry you had to do it too!) but I never did with Evan. I asked my doctor and his opinion and he said as long as they are gaining weight (which obviously he did) then not to worry about it. So I say let her sleep if she is gaining weight. Sleep makes everyone happy ;) I am glad she is doing so well and that your family is adjusting. I think the older sibling always has the hardest time. Can you blame them? lol.

Reed & Melinda Family said...

She is darling! Congrats!

FRYER FAM said...

katie what a sweet little girl. congratulations. i love the name too. how fun it is to have another little one in your home.

The Hodges said...

Katie! Cute baby girl! If you can't find anyone I'm open to help! I promise I'm good haha! Call me if you need anything!