Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wood Family Fun!

My sister Leah was here visiting from Australia, so we are doing more family activities than usual. So a couple of weeks ago we decided to go take a little hike up to a little cave.
 The kids were surprisingly pretty big chickens about the cave. It took me a long time to get Reese to go in. Finally we had to carry her through it. But then she did walk back, as long as my mom would hold her hand. And my usually brave nephew Mason didn't even venture in at all.

 It was fun! Clearly we need to do things like this way more often, toughen up the little kiddies.
 Then afterward we went to the Huntsville park. If you haven't been up there. Give it a try, it is a really good park. I wish we had one like that closer to our house. That's my sister Leah, and in the background her little baby Reid.
 Rylee loves to hang on things lately.

 This took awhile, so I was proud of her for climbing up this. It's not that high, but she is kind of nervous about heights.
 Even Rylee climbed up. The thing that I really liked is that I used to climb on this very jungle gym when I was little. Even though they added a lot to the park, they still kept a few of these old things.
 Like this tree, we always climbed and played in this tree. I don't know why I care, but I think it's cool that they are in the tree I used to play in.
 And on these tires.

 Anyway we had a fun day. Here's to more, fun activities with my family.

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