Friday, August 31, 2012

Soccer mom!

Well it's official, the only thing missing is a mini van. I know Reese would love to do dance, but I couldn't help but think about how much cheaper soccer is.  And it doesn't go as long. Plus I think it will be really good for her.

 For weeks, she was so worried about what color her jersey would be. (She wanted it to be pink so bad.) She was so happy when she saw that it was.
 Here's her first game. Her team won, although she didn't score. For the most part they just ran around. But she had two girls on her team that seemed to know what they were doing.
 It's kind of fun, and crazy that  she is old enough. (although apparently she could have played last year.
I love watching her try to run around. Now I just need to teach her to be more aggressive. Hopefully this will help give her a good start to liking sports and excersice. I definitely could have used something like that when I was little. Go Pink Flamingos!

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Leah Aston said...

Mom and Dad put me in soccer one year, and it sadly didn't get me liking sports and exercise that much. Oh well. Those pink Jersey's are way cute and I'm sure it goes a long way in comforting her for having to wear pants. :)