Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shooting Star Ranch

We had the opportunity to go to the Shooting Star Ranch, and it was so cool! There were ponies, goats, dogs, baby chickens, bunnies, buffalo, and horses.

 Look at that face, is that the most precious thing or what?
 Oh no! now look at that face, I think she was worried, it would fall, I had taken my hand off the bunny, for this picture.
 I kept saying, let's see you touch the goat. She barely touched it, but hey she did, even if it was only for a second.
 I was a little surprised she held this baby goat, but it was cute. She wouldn't hold the baby chickens, I picked one up, and she touched it.
 This was the coolest tree, or group of trees, I guess. The kids loved climbing all over it.
 There was just fun things all over. I remember when I was little, the Huntsville park had some big tires like this, and I loved it.
 Bowen was climbing on the fence, and Rylee wanted to so bad. This is as high as she made it, but still, she's getting bigger.
 Look at these cool swings.
 Ugh, eyes closed, but it was the only one I got with her face in the right direction. And hey, she is smiling.
 This was cool, that they got to ride a horse. This is Reese's teacher, Miss Jodie.
 Rylee, wanted to go on the horse so bad, and I didn't think that they would let her, but they did, and she was so excited. And to my surprise, she wasn't nervous at all.
 Reese even rode bareback, by herself. That is until the horse tripped a little on the rope, and she freaked out and immediately had to get down.
 Look at these cute kids
Really, this was the coolest place ever, my kids loved it.


10zfam said...

this looks like a way fun place. might have to take my kids to it some time

Leah Aston said...

Fun activities. I love the bunny pictures. I remember those big tires too, they were so fun!