Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy V-Day!

(Ok, this first little bit is off the v-day subject,) but it seems like it's been awhile since I've mentioned the deer. And they've been going nuts, basically you pretty much don't got more than a day or so without seeing them. I think for the most part they don't leave. This day I counted thirteen, right in our yard.
The girls love it- but it makes it hard for Jeremy to keep a garden, which is something that he and his family have always done.
Ok, back to Valentine's. We went early in the day (which is the only way to do it if you want to avoid the craziness,) to go pick up our heart shaped pizza. Which is maybe becoming our new tradition. (Maybe I need to find something yummier to make our tradition, but the girls loved it.) So afterward we went to visit the ducks, something that Rylee has been dying to do, but we haven't done since it's been so cold.
I told my sister (who's in Australia, it's her summer so it's hot,) that it seemed so warm. It was a balmy 47 degrees :) So it was nice to spend a few minutes outside.
The girls and I decorated our downstairs room, which seemed to look much better in my memory, than in these pictures. But we had it all set up for our romantic dinner for 4.

Here's the girls with our hot date. They liked it, I think valentine's day has turned into more of a family thing now. Maybe when their older, and we don't have worry so much about babysitters, we'll get back to us.
On top of our heart shape pizza. I made us a heart shaped chocolate pie, mmmmm.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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