Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer funin'!

Warning: Lots of pics coming your way.

This is from the 24th of july. Heather and Jeremy had to get up on the roof, because they had a lot of parachute men that blew away.
Darlene got the kids each a butterfly nets.
It was cute to see them trying to catch bugs and stuff.

There's always one kid who won't smile.

I love sad faces.
Since Rylee has been sitting up, she's even more happy and content than usual. It seems like she can just sit up for ever and hang out!

This is a cute treat, that I saw in the food network magazine, It was a little late, but I figured it was still july. ( I cooked little mini tarts and filled them with a cream cheese mixture, and as you can see sliced strawberries, and blue berries.) I thought it was a cute way, I hadn't seen before, plus easy too eat too!

We went to willow park in Logan it was cute. Reese got bit by a duck, because she poked it. and of course we wanted her to do it again so we could catch it on camera.

Happy summer everyone!

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Megan said...

Haha. I love that you wanted her to do it again so you could catch it on camera. The pictures of you and Rylee are adorable. Two gorgeous girls!