Monday, August 9, 2010

Gettin' older!

Last Saturday was Jeremy's birthday. It was such a nice day, we mostly hung out and did nothing all day. Then ate a late lunch with his family, and then we suddenly decided to go stay a night in SLC.
I love these pics of him with each of the girls.
It's funny when you get older how your birthdays definitely change, Reese opened every one of Jeremy's presents I got him. When we were in SLC I got him an Ipad, and it seems like Reese thinks that's for her more than him.
Notice the cute jacket Tayler gave him, no it wasn't cold, I think he just liked the jacket and kept it on for awhile.
Rylee of course just sitting and hanging out while we all shoved our faces full of food.
It was hard to think of what to do for Jeremy's cake. I didn't think he'd appreciate flowers and roses. and since he likes fishing I improvised.
Happy Birthday Jeremy! You're the best.


Megan said...

Things definitely change for birthdays as we get older, but for the better ;) The cake turned out super cute! You are so creative. Happy Birthday Jeremy!

10zfam said...

happy birthday jeremy. love the cake, you are so talented.