Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

We decided to celebrate all weekend not just Sat. so on Friday we went to the zoo, with Tayler, Dave, Heather, and the girls.
This is apparently the only picture I took with an animal in it.
Then my Fam does a big celebration the third as well. These pics were taken before Reese became afraid of the sparklers.

On the Forth we decided to be lazy and sleep in, so we missed both family's and just did our own thing. We went over to the park for Cherry Days, but I thought they didn't really have anything worth staying for.

I'm sure I'm going to get on Megan, and Chelsie's blogs and see some red white and blue edible masterpiece. Plus I already saw a pic of my friend Ally's professionally made fondant flag cake, but nevertheless I wanted to say I love to have festive treats so I made these. (Can you see Reese's finger in the pic above going for the frosting?)
Later on Sat we watched half of our fireworks because apparently Dave and Jeremy went a little nuts on the amount of fireworks, and Tayler was gone. Also, Jeremy bought these cute wooden chairs for the kids at Pottery Barn. I think they're so cute. I don't know if the fireworks scared Kennedy, because I caught her hiding her head in the popcorn bowl.
Some times Reese looked like this............
And some times she looked like this.
She didn't like the loud noises as much. She sat on my lap for a while and asked if I could cover her ears. We had a fun time, hope you did too.

I know this is a little late to announce this, but Stephanie is out of town so we're going to move play group to next Mon. We're going swimming. If any of you were hoping to go tomorow and can't go next week, just let me know and I'll go with you. And I'll go again next mon :)


Megan said...

You have too much faith in me. I didn't do a dang thing. In fact, I haven't cooked or caked since Evan was born - and I don't know if it will be happening in the near future either ;) Your creations, on the other hand, look both visually appealing and delicious! Way to go. I saw those chairs on PB and thought they were way cute. And Anna reacted to the fireworks the same as Reese - she loved them and then she would say they 'the fireworks were afraid of her'.

Goldies said...

um... CONGRATULATIONS on the baby on the way!? I wasn't aware, good thing I caught up on my blog reading!! I'm excited for you kiddos! When do you find out if it's a boy or girl?? Well the 4th of July festivities and Yellowstone road trip looked like a lot of fun!