Monday, July 13, 2009

A few random things about Reese:

1. Reese always wants her "friends" to sit next to her while she eats.2. She is very loving and gives hugs and kisses to EVERYONE.
3. She likes to skip numbers when she's counting. (One, three, five seven eight!!) I'm working on it. :)
4. She loves swimming.
5. Reese loves to help me cook, she likes to dump the ingredients in.
6. She loves to help swiffer while I'm sweeping, which is more hurting than helping.
7. She will not eat fruit no matter what I try, but she does like veggies, which is good!
8. I'm pretty sure she is the only toddler who loves green olives.
9. She thinks most churches are princess castles.
10. She is obsessed with Mickey mouse.
11. She makes me sit in a certain spot so I can watch her dance.


Lauren Tatton said...

She is so cute! How are you? I hope everything is going well! Sounds like you have had a busy summer!

Megan said...

I love reading kids little quirks - they are so funny. Plus it is nice to write these things down - things you think you will always remember, but probably won't. LOL. I love that you have a certain spot to watch her dance.

Marcia Wilson said...

I totally didn't know you were pregnant. That shows how behind I am in the blogging world! YEAH Congratulations! Two is a handful but so fun when the start to play! You're daughter is as usual adorable!!

Palmers said...

What??? Where did you post you are prego? I am not good on keeping up. I am so happy for you though. I can't believe it!!! I can't wait for you guys. So when are you due? It seems like you just had a baby. Time goes by so fast it is nuts. I say that all the time but it is true.