Monday, May 11, 2009

Play Group!

I ended up  making it to the park and it was so fun! Reese and Benjamin chased seagulls around for a while. Yelling "touch it! touch it!" Luckily the seagulls never let them get close enough. 
I forgot my camera but Stephanie has an awesome camera and she took all these pics and sent them to me. But the best part of the day, although I didn't get a picture, is that Stephanie let me hold her brand new baby Noah. He is so cute and snuggly, I loved it.
Am I a bad mom for loving when Reese gives little boys kisses? because I do! I think it's so cute.

When Stephanie and I started the play group we decided that even if no one came but us, it would still be fun. And it definitely was, but if you do feel like coming I think next time we're going to North Shore pool.


Stephanie said...

Wow Katie, you are on top of things I don't think I will get pics up till tomorrow. I did my one project of the day, sending them to you. I had tonz of fun today too!

Chelsie said...

haha, i love the kissy pictures!! so stinkin cute!

Megan said...

I think the kissing is cute. But I might not have the same answer 10 years from now ;) I really am hoping to make one of these play dates!