Monday, May 25, 2009

A Fun Memorial Weekend!

It started off on Saturday, we helped Nana (aka Darlene) plant some tomatoes. I got Reese her own garden tools and gloves. For some reason she kept taking her great grandpa's hat. So, I of course had to take pics of that.
Kennedy and Hadley were in cute outfits, but the problem is, that there are piles of dirt all over, who doesn't like to play in the dirt right. So I went and found an ugly outfit so Kennedy could get dirty.
Hadley apparently thinks she can shovel.

On actual memorial day, we blew up the pools and had a little barbeque. These are my very favorite days. I love sitting on the deck, eating good food, and watching the babies play. They loved the new pools.
You got to love a good corn on the cob eating pic.
After gorging ourselves, we dried off the kids and walked up the cemetery. Darlene just bought this cute wagon It fits them all perfectly and even has drink holders, which made me laugh, but really did come in handy.
Jeremy and his sisters, (minus Ashley) visiting his grandma's grave.
It is so impossible to get all the kids to look at the camera, but at least Reese is smiling in this one.

The day turned out to be beautiful, even though as I'm posting this I'm starting to hear thunder, looks like we got our party in just in time. Hope you all had a good holiday.


Megan said...

Your Memorial Day sounds like much more fun than mine: potty training and painting the baby's room - jealous?! ;) The pictures of Reese are adorable - as always!

Stephanie said...

your memorial day was a lot more eventful than mine. I got to take a nap :) It looks like fun. We will for sure have to let Benjamin and Reese play in the pool sometime.

10zfam said...

sounds like fun. i love family bbqs and watching cousins play together.

Ashley said...

Katie, I live for those days too! They are my favorite. Thank you so much for posting those pictures. Every one of them was great to see. The girls are adorable, I thought Heather and Tayler looked beautiful (where were pictures of you?) and you know I love to see G'pa outside with everyone. Thanks! I love our family!

Goldies said...

Looks like a fun weekend. BBQ's at Grandpa's are the best!! I talked to Tado, we'll have to get together for a swim day with those pools!

Brooke said...

I love playing in the dirt with the kids! I saw your dad and brother at the start of the half marathon, I did a relay so I didn't start until later, but I did see them! I also might try to come swimming monday, Morgan has to get her 9 month shots that day, and the office is close by, so maybe we will just swing over there.