Friday, May 29, 2009

My day on Tuesday:

6:00 am  Wake up to a flock of birds outside my window. (I'm a little upset)
6:30 am Get woken back up by my phone, it's the babysitter. ( I don't even answer it, I know what it means.)
- continue to lay in bed awake, and bugged till about 7:00 am.
8:00 am Call and ask Heather if whoever is watching her girls, (Tayler luckily) can watch Reese.
8:15 am Have to eventually pull Reese up out of her crib because she is 'still sleepy mommy.'
8:17 am Reese has a fit because I won't let her put her clothes on 'BY SELF' (Now I'm getting frustrated.)
8:37 ish Get in the car and realize keys are not in my purse. I've locked us out of the house. (Full blown mad now.)
8:50 Arrive at Heather's house, Reese immediately falls down on cement and cuts up legs pretty bad. 
9:15 am Get to work 15 min late with blood all over my shirt. (I'm a tad perturbed, to say the least.)
12:00 pm Get a call from the tree removal company telling me I made a mistake and I owe them three thousand dollars more than I thought I did. (I'm having a small panic attack.)
12:03 trying not to cry at work.
2:45 pm  I run home and look at the bid, and they made the mistake not me. ( I start to breath again.)
3:00 Get hung up  on the phone, by the tree guy who I tell it is his fault- he wrote the bid wrong. (now a little nervous I'm going to have a court case on my hands.)
5:45 pm Fax the proof of their mistake to them. (Now relieved)
6:00 pm realize this day wasn't too bad after all, because I didn't get screwed out of $3,000. (I'm tired.) Looking forward to Wed.


Cassi and Chadd said...

Seriously what's up with this week!!?? The planets must all be aligned or something. But hey looks like you got 3,000 worth of free work--hopefully. The only free thing I got was a headache. I need someone to do me a solid.

Megan said...

That sounds like a LONG day! I am sorry. I swear Anna always insists on doing this all by herself ONLY when I am in a hurry. LOL. Glad you didn't owe them $3,000 - that is a hecka lot of money!

Oh and the potty training. Yesterday (day 4) Anna peed EVERY TIME in the toilet. We are still having issues with #2 and today should be interesting since she puked all last night. But I wanted to give you hope. And who knows, Reese might be one of those kids who just 'gets it' from day one. And I will be so jealous ;)

Candace Thomas said...

You forgot to mention that your lovely visiting teachers show up like an hour later than they said and talked your head off...not mention left with a few of Reese's DVD's. Who does that? lol. I am glad that you didn't get stuck paying $3,000 more:) And I am excited to see your finished salon!

10zfam said...

wow, that sucks-sorry. glad you didn't have to pay the extra $3,000. cambree usually wants to do things herself but usually when we are in a hurry and i need her to do something herself so i can help hailey or something she won't. i think kids just like to be difficult sometimes

Stephanie said...

I didn't realize how bad your day was. I am so sorry buddy.