Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh Jazz, Why?

So no, wearing the jersey for support didn't help. Although the last 12 min or so were a bit of a letdown. It was a super fun game. I've never been to a play off game. And it was soooo much fun, right from the start it was a lot louder, and there was so much more energy.
They did a lot more fun things. And I did feel bad for the people sitting up high because, it seemed like the firework smoke would be pretty bad up there. Although the extra fireworks  were cool! See you next season Jazz! 
On an unrelated note, my fav salon buddy Stephanie had her baby. Baby Noah, he is so cute, and he already has a good head of hair.


Stephanie said...

Aw, you posted my little Noah. Thanks. I thought of you at the game the other night. I think even if they loose it's got to be fun to go there.

Stephanie said...

PS. Thanks again for coming to see me!!!!

Megan said...

The last game started out so good, but that dang Kobe. Seriously?! He is insane! You look so cute with the little newborn baby in your arms - I think it is time to have another one of your own ;)

Chelsie said...

ah i hate kobe...but that's ok, he loves himself enough. i love the new hair color!! it's so cute!