Monday, April 20, 2009

Fun Weekend in Salt Lake!

 About a month ago, we spent the night at the Hilton. We ended up being put next to some very nice people having a salsa dancing party. After the cops finally escorted them out of the hotel, we fell asleep, only problem was it was six in the morning. So the Hilton was nice enough to let us do a do-over. So the Deamer family (along with Hansens, and Kuchenmeisters headed down to the big city.We did some shopping (of course) and then headed to the aquarium in Sandy if was really cool. I wasn't supposed to take pics, but I didn't realize it till I had already taken this one, (sorry little octopus I hope I didn't make you blind.)

We walked around the Temple and in the visitors center. The flowers were so pretty. I have officially turned into my mom. She always takes pics of people backs. I couldn't help it they were walking so cute together :)

The only big bummer of the trip was we were going to eat Little America's buffet, which is the best food you'll ever eat by the way. But apparently they take two weekends off the whole year, and of course this was one of them.

Next we went to the Gateway, I wasn't going to let her run in the fountain, but hey you got to live a little right? She got pretty wet, but not soaked. I pride myself on being very prepared and always having everything I need (at least I try.) But I didn't realize how quickly it was going to be so nice outside. So I didn't have any sunscreen and of course everyone, including all the babies got sunburned. I felt bad! Well I've already put my sunscreen in my bad for future use.
We had such a fun weekend. It was so much fun to spend time with Jeremy. He's been so busy working lately some days Reese doesn't get to see him at all, and that makes her, (and him) sad. And to top it all off I got some cute new clothes for the warm weather!


Megan said...

That picture of them walking together is cute - don't you think it makes her look like a big girl. Crazy how fast kids grow up. Sounds like a fun weekend in Salt Lake - too bad about the buffet. Their breakfast REALLY is the best ever. Mmmmmm. I am salivating just thinking about it!

10zfam said...

yay for new clothes, that's the best. sounds like you had a great time.

Chelsie said...

mmm their food is the best! i'm sorry that you couldn't partake...mmm. what a fun trip though!