Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Warning, lots of pictures! We took Reese over to Lee's to see the Easter bunny. I think she liked it, but they gave her treats, so all day we had to fight over that. ( I quickly found out, that that is the downside to easter.) They think that they get to eat all the treats, and right now!
Then we went to IFA to see the baby animals, the baby bunnies were all sold out, but the ducks were cute.

Jeremy hooked up the trailer to the little tractor, the kids loved it! It was so cute Ryan had his arm around Reese the whole time. And at one point Hadley fell asleep, it must have been more relaxing than we thought.
Jeremy's grandpa was freezing, but he toughed it out so he could watch the kids.
We colored the eggs on Sat. and the easter bunny hid them on Sun morning. I was supprised at how much Reese really liked this part. Because it was eggs not candy, I wasn't expecting her to be so excited, but she was. She kept saying "oh look one, eggy!"

I spoke in church, (but really cried on the stand) so if my eyes look puffy that's why. I couldn't help it but I had to get Reese one of those hats because when I was little I never got one, but always wanted one. So of course she has to have one, but in my defense she loved it.

Is it impossible to get a two year old to put their hands down in a pic?
Easter wasn't exactly what I had planned, because all the kids, and half the parents were sick. But it was still pretty fun, maybe next year we'll be a little more healthy.


Megan said...

You and Reese even match in your Easter clothes :) I accidentally do that with Anna all the time - I guess I like to dress her how I feel like dressing myself for the day as well. Ross always mocks me. I like Reese's hat...and that you are reliving your childhood through her ;) I finally put Anna's basket on a high shelf in our pantry and told her that she could have an egg a day - I was done with fighting as well!

Reed & Melinda Family said...

Cute pics!

Palmers said...

Looks like you guys had a fun Easter weekend. Reese looks so cute in her little dress. Hey when is our annual get together for the craft fair? I haven't gotten a thing in the mail yet so let me know!

Stephanie said...

I love her dress it is so cute! It is going to be so crazy at family parties when those kids all get to be around 5. And fun.