Sunday, February 1, 2009

Play group!

Ok so I know that it's bad to postpone something that hasn't even started. But Reese, and Benjamin (Stephanie's baby) is sick, and we're on the way to the doctor. So what we're going to do is do it next Monday. And once we get started we'll do it the first Monday of every month even if I can come or not. It just seems weird if Me and Stephanie don't come on the very first one. Again my e-mail is We'll plan on it next Monday morning, and you can bring other friends as well, anyone is welcome. We've got a good group so far, it should be fun! Also for those of you who don't live to close I wanted to say that Stephanie lives in Layton, and we're planning on moving it around to different places. I heard there's a cool children's museum at the Gateway. And I bet there's cool stuff up in Logan we can do as well (Megan, and KariAnn. :) So we'll try and do stuff all over. Hope everyone can come!

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Chelsie said...

hey! keep me updated on what stuff you are doing, coop would love to play with other kids and i would love to get out of the house. :-)