Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Play group anyone?

Ok, so there weren't too many takers on my swimming idea, but there was just enough. We had lots of fun. 
Reese was so excited to go swimming again since it's been awhile.
If you can't tell I'm totally soaked. They had the water toys off, and then turned them on with no warning, needless to say I was standing right underneath a huge fountain of some sort.
Reese kept taking everyone's water toys, so next time I'll know that I better bring some with us. Afterwards we all went to Mcdonald's and let the kids play and eat. We had so much fun my friend Stephanie and I decided we are starting a play group. First Monday of every month we are going to do it. So the first Monday in Feb. is next week. We would love for anyone and everyone to come play. We'll most likely be doing them all in the late morning, till or through lunch time. If any one wants to come let me know. We were thinking of going sledding (weather, and snow conditions permitting,) or if it's too cold we thought maybe we'd try Chuck E Cheese. We'll do it every month and I'm open to different ideas. We'd love to have some of you come play.


Megan said...

That looks llike a lot of fun...minus the unannounced drenching of water on your head. LOL. Why does everyone have to live in Ogden? I would love to drive up and go to a play date still, and Anna would love it too. It probably won't be this Monday though considering my life will still be hectic. Mut March for sure!

10zfam said...

i agree with megan, why does everyone live in ogden. i would like to start coming. March would have to be when i start coming too.

Harris Family said...

Hey I want to join.. sorry I couldn't come swimming we have been out of town for two weeks this past month so its been a little hectic for me. I will send you my phone number on facebook but I would love to come.. hey send me you email address & I'll intvite you to my blog

p.s. my baby slept from 10pm-8am and then went back to sleep until 10:15 the last two night YEA!