Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Play Group On Monday!

It's that time again. I would love you all to come, and you can bring others along as well. We thought this is (hopefully) our last month with snow. So meet at my house, bring your snow clothes, and sleds if you want. We'll just be hanging out in my backyard. But I am going to make a little hill. If the weather isn't good than we'll just play inside. But this way we can play outside for awhile and when we get cold we can come in. My email is katiedeamer@gmail.com for those of you who need to know my address. We'll meet at 11:00 a.m.  Let me know I hope you can all come it will be fun. (p.s. I'll probably make some lunch so the kids can eat afterward.)


Megan said...

Blasted doctors appointment! And they are only going to start coming more frequently....I really want to come to one of these.

10zfam said...

i might be able to come i'll have to see how everyone is feeling, hailey's kind of had a runny nose the last couple of days. also, about my v-day mess, ryan cleaned it all up for me- yay