Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fun Happenings

This year, every one (of the Deamers) were out of town for Memorial day. So we took up the flowers, and a stalk of corn to Jeremy's Grandparent's grave. 
 One day, I was doing a client's hair, Reese and Rylee burst in saying Rylee was sick, and that she had the chicken pops. I had a hard time being mad that they had colored all over her face, because they were being so cute about it.

 Just a cute pic of the girls in the huge pool. I swear this is the best thing, they play on it for hours and hours.
 Rylee and Daddy, snuggling and having some yummy watermelon.
 Jeremy had fixed up his Dad's old trail90. I thought these pictures were cute of him giving the girls a ride.

In preparation for the baby, we had to move the girls together. Luckily I was able to find some bedding that had green on one side and pink on the other. Reese is so into pink, and Rylee into green.
Here's a pic of Rylee with her new big girl bed. They have done very well, I was nervous that they would keep each other up at night, and that it would be a pain every night. But we made the rules clear, and they have done such a good job. And I think they they love sharing a room together.
 Just a funny picture of them having a tea party, which they love to do. They wanted to dress up. Reese is a princess, and Rylee of course is a Big Fat Caterpillar.
 Jeremy had been going out of town a lot, and Reese made this sign for him, all by herself.
 Jeremy's Aunt bought this pool for the kids to play in for the summer and they loved it.
 Rylee lounging. Reese was laying in the pool and I heard her say "A kid could get used to this."
 One last pic of my little cutie, being a doughnut, I believe is what she said.

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Leah Aston said...

Fun summery post! I love her comment of "a kid could get used to this!"