Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Big Recap of summer

I don't know when I have ever been this far behind, but I am trying to do a quick recap. I tried to do as little as possible pictures just to get on here what I have missed. In these last months before the baby came we did a lot of stuff. More than I ever do. Mostly because I knew it would be hard to do anything once the baby came, so I wanted to give the girls a super fun summer.

This is us at the zoo, with my dad and nephews, we always have to get a picture like this, (it's our tradition.)

 Here's Rylee with Jeremy, for father's day.
 We went to Bear Lake in June, with my family. There were so many pictures of that trip I wanted to put on here, but I made myself only put on a few. Here's a classic back shot. (Maybe I am becoming my mother, she loves to take pictures of people's backs.) But I just thought it was so cute.
 Cute little face, at the park.
 Reese was being so funny about not wanting to walk in the water, because she didn't want her feet getting dirty at all. I told her "you're a kid, you're supposed to walk in the mud." She didn't like it at first, but once I forced her in, she forgot about it after awhile.
 Rylee's favorite thing is to play in the mud, at the lake. She could do that for hours and hours.
 My mom and dad have kayaks, the girls love to have a ride.
 Now skipping ahead to the 3rd of July at my parents house, (which is just a big of holiday as the fourth at our house.) Classic sparkler shot.
 The girls watching the Harrisville parade, right by aunt Heather's house.
 On July 15th this year, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary. We had wanted to do something a bit bigger, but due to my huge prego state, we were a bit limited. But it was very nice. We did a lot of good eating. :) Here we are at the brunch at the Grand America. Sooooo yummy!
 Dinosaur park, had to get a shot by the triceratops.
 This is on the 24th of July, Reese wanted to make a covered wagon. It was more of a pain, then it was worth. It lasted about five minutes.
 This is just a random day, but Reese and Rylee always are having tea parties, and they roped their dad into this one. (At least they didn't make him wear a dress.)
 This is at the farmer's market in Ogden, I paid $1 each to let them pet the bunnies. They were in heaven.
 I'm not sure exactly how this even started. I just looked out the window one day, and this was how they were mowing the lawn, and I had to get a picture of it. The girls love Jeremy, and they love to ride on his back, and climb all over him.
 A few more of the 4th of July. We decorated their bikes so they could ride in the parade. We had them just ride down a little ways and then double back so they wouldn't miss the whole rest of the parade.
 My cute little patriotic big girl.
 Cute shot with Rylee, (see on Jeremy's back again.)
 This picture sums up a lot of our summer as well. At the end of the school year last year, Reese won a season pass to the pool, and since Rylee was still free this year, I decided to buy a pass for me, and just make it our summer of swimming. We went a ton, and the girls loved it. I have to admit it was good for me, because it was so hot this summer, it really helped to go sit in the cool water. And when we started Rylee was a bit nervous of the water, but by the end of summer she was umping off the side, and swimming under neath the water even!
Well that ends my quick, but still quite long (sorry) recap of the summer. It was a fun summer, jam packed with everything I could possibly fill it with before the baby was born.

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Leah Aston said...

I don't mind you being behind -it's fun to see all the catch up pictures! So nice to get so much in pre baby #3!