Monday, July 1, 2013

More Hapenings

I have a picture of me almost just like this with my favorite stuffed bear Timer, when I was little. This was a day when we hadn't been able to find Oinky, for about a week. I saved the day and found him, and Rylee was so happy.
 The girls at the doctor, this was Rylee's first time getting a little gown to wear.
 I have been getting ready for the baby to come, by getting the girls in the same room, which meant I needed a new place to put all their books. So Rylee helped me put together a shelf.
 This is a regular occurrence at our house, You don't see the girls for a minute, and they are putting make up and princess dresses on.
 We went up to my mom and dad's house one day, and Rylee found this snake. She likes to pick up bugs and things, this was her first time holding a snake though. Poor little snake, she held him for about a half and hour. She swung on the swings, and jumped on the trampoline with him as well.
 This was so cute to me, it's my mother's day card. Reese loves Maddox, aka the "pink butter place" So that says a lot.
 This was Reese's last soccer game of the year, it was pouring. And everyone but our team and the team we were playing didn't show up. So even though the girls got soaking wet, they played anyway.
 That same day we took the girls to Kirts for the first time. I had to take their picture in here. It brings back good memories of after football games in Highschool.
 We were walking to church and I had to take their picture, they are so cute, and fun, and such good sisters!

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Leah Aston said...

Ah, good ol' timer. :) Cute shots.