Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Reese's Brave themed party

Ok, this one is a bit of a longy. Reese turned 6! (Which by the way, I still cannot believe.)  But she wanted a Merida party. Earlier in the day I took her and two of her friends from school, and Rylee to kangaroo zoo, and then later that evening we had our traditional family party. Reese requested that I draw a Merida, I was worried about it, and the face isn't perfect, but hey, you can tell who I was going for, so that counts.
 This is not the best pic of these, because of the light coming through, but I made these targets, and you can kind of see the homemade arrows I made.
 Here is Elenor bear. Which by the way, was such a pain to draw, but she turned out ok.
 I of course, made Reese a birthday sign. And underneath it are the three brothers as bears. I have to admit, I almost didn't get these decorations done in time. I was really slow, and got started later than I should have. Anyway it somehow got pulled together right at the end.
 These don't really have anything to do with anything, other than Reese wanted them, so I made them. And they look festive, and party ish.
 We borrowed this from my bro in law Dave, which was very nice of him. I thought it was a nice touch.
 Here's the little bear piniata, (I bought that, didn't make it)
 Here's Reese's cake. She thinks it's so funny that when the mom turns back into a human, she is naked. (other than the tapestry that she uses to cover up.) So she really wanted my to get that in there.

She was also very adamant about having the cake that turns the mom into a bear. In the end, 
I just had no more time, or energy. I saw these at Lee's, and thought they looked pretty perfect. Before I served them I of course added some strawberries.
 I covered the ceiling in white plastic to make it look like we were in a big tent. And then I hung these little "Wisps" I made out of tissue paper and a fake candle.
 There's the birthday girl in her Merida dress.
 And with her cake.
 And with her little sister Rylee.
 Somehow Reese talked Jeremy into wearing his kilt.
 What a good dad!
 And Tayler apparently had one, so showed up in one, (which I think is seriously awesome.)

Anyway, it was a big day, and I have to admit that I was glad when it was over. It definitely doesn't seem  like 6 years ago that Reese was born.

Right now, Reese is doing very well in school, reading well, and something I'm extra proud of is that in every category she is judged on, they gave her a 4 rating, which is the highest you can get. And she has gotten all 4's, all year long. She loves pink, and anything that is pink. Her favorite place to eat is Maddox, or as she calls it, the pink butter place. She loves to dress up, (for play, or for real. She always loves to wear dresses, not pants.) She is really good at helping and taking care of people, which makes her a good big sister. She is so fun to have in our family. Happy birthday sweet girl!

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