Saturday, February 23, 2013

Random moments

I was going through my phone pictures, and thought I would post some of these. They aren't at all connected, but here you go. Reese's school had an art show, the kids had all put in some art, and they were supposed to dress up and come and show their art. Reese had a piece in this, and sorry to say, I have no idea which square is hers. But she was so excited to be there it was cute.
 Reese loves to watch some designer shows with me, and when we watch them she gets out her ipad, and designs outfits. So then she made this dress out of paper for Rylee. I didn't help her at all, she did this all by herself, I thought it was cute, my little designer.
 Reese loves pink and anything that is pink. I bought her this hair extension for Christmas, she loves it. She has always wanted pink hair, and this is a safer way to give it to her because it can easily be taken out.
 On Valentines day, we like to have a romantic dinner for four. The girls decorated the room with hearts all over the walls, and candles. We dipped strawberries in chocolate, and bought a heart shaped pizza, and the girls helped me make these mini cheesecakes to look like conversation hearts. I'm sorry to say that I didn't get any other pictures, because I ended up hurting my back. But the girls had a fun Valentines day.
 Reese's first school project. It was supposed to be a box pet, of any kind of animal you wanted it to be. Of course Reese wanted to make a kitty. I thought it should be fuzzy, so I found a shammy at the dollar store that we used, and also a monkey I bought and let her cut apart and used it's fur and tail. I tried really hard not to do it all. But when hot glue is involved, there has to be some parental guidance. Anyway she did most of it. It's crazy to see that she's big enough to have to do things like this.

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