Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Snow Day!

Well, we woke up the other day to snow. You would have thought it was Christmas morning, because Reese was so excited. She was dying to go outside from the second she woke up.
Did you notice that in the background our leaves haven't even changed color, and yet we're outside playing in the snow? I know weird, right?
This early snow, was also a rude awakening that we needed new snow pants and gloves.
I realized that pulling two girls in a sled with only and two inches of snow, is quite a workout.
Look at my two girls all snuggly and cute.
One cute snow angel.
And one snow angel, who doesn't get what's going on, but still has to do it anyway.
And the best part of a snow day? Drinking some hot chocolate, and getting warmed back up.... Till Rylee spilled her entire cup all over the floor. I should have seen it coming anyway.
Happy snow day.


Palmers said...

That is so much fun. My favorite part is drinking the hot chocolate too:) But not when it gets spilled. lol Mason thinks that since it snowed Santa should be coming. He always asks when and 1 month seems way to far away for a 5 year old.

Megan said...

I loathe buying new snow clothes every year for both of my kids when they only wear them (well, pants and boots any way) a handful of times. Lame sauce. I am diggin Rylee's houndstooth coat.

Leah Aston said...

Oh happy snow. I miss that, other than I imagine it's a bit of a pain as a mom to get them all ready and have all the wet clothes afterwards. I'm becoming a bit lazy in my permanent-summer lifestyle!