Friday, September 16, 2011

Fun, fun!

So Rylee has figured out dressing up as a princess. I really didn't think she was old enough for that yet. (Classic "cheese" picture underneath, apparently for my girls if you smile big you can't really keep your eyes open.)So cousin Kennedy was in the hospital with some bad tonsil infection issues, so we got to hang out with Hadley for awhile. (Don't you love the look Rylee is giving Hadley? She just loves to be apart of what's going on with the big girls.)
Just had to put this one on here. She's even got to have the little high heels on, don't ask me how she can even walk in those.
The next morning we grabbed Hadley, and went out to the Hill Aerospace museum. I've been wanting to go for awhile and check it out. I wouldn't say it was super fun, but it's free and it's something to do other than stay at home. I thought the girls would like to get out and do something. They did like it, but we were super bummed to find out that we could not go in any planes, because I've been told by other people that you can.
These planes were humongous, once you got up close it was crazy how big they were.
Well, I decided we needed a little more fun, so we headed to Discovery Gateway. We have a free pass so I try take them here and there. This time Hadley got to come and take Jeremy's ticket.
The girls love this little house, and when we go they usually spend most of the time in here. In fact, we don't even make it to the upstairs anymore.
My camera was having issues that day, (well really operator error, not the camera's fault, I'm sure.) Anyway this pic is fuzzy but still cute.

Poor Hadley said, "I just want to play at Katie's house." Here I thought I was being so nice to take them to do something special, and she really wanted to just play at our house.
In the end she got to for a bit, and my house didn't get too messy, which was definitely part of my plan of being gone all day. I'm happy that the girls have cousins that they love so much. Even though we spent plenty of time with her, they were still so sad when she had to go home.

p.s. Kennedy is doing just fine, but most likely has to get her tonsils out, which means we probably will have another day or two to play with Hadley.


Reed & Melinda Family said...

Cute little girls all dressed up:)

Leah Aston said...

I love the cheesy smile pictures! Good for you for taking them out and about. That looks like a fun place!