Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Safe Kids Fair.

I sometimes feel that there is nothing to do around here. I saw they were having a safe kids fair, so I decided we should go. There was a ton of people there, and I have to admit, it left a bit to be desired, but at least we got out and did something.

They got to sit in a fire truck. (I could not get Reese to keep her hat on the right way.)

Little duck pond. Neither of them could really get the ducks.
Don't ask me who this princess was supposed to be, I think her name was Princess Amara, (whoever that is,) Reese didn't seem to care that she was some random girl, and liked meeting her.
They had a little (very little) petting zoo area, the girls loved that the most, as well as the kittys for adoption.

We did get a free t-shirt, but you should have seen the line we had to wait in just to get in, apparently everyone else was thinking the same thing as me. Here's to more things in this area, maybe the next thing will be a little bit better. :)

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